The Futures of Thailand’s Radiology and Medical Radiologists

The objectives are to setup a policy for manpower development in medical radiology and formulate an appropriate curriculum for medical radiologist. Real-time Delphi survey was selected as the methodology for this foresight project.

Prior to the formulation of Delphi statements, selected experts were invited for reviewing related issues and discussion on current status of radiology, trends on epidemiology of burden diseases, trends on investment in technologies related to radiology, trends on laws and ethics, comparison among radiology curricular in some countries and Thailand’s future requirements on radiology.

The Real-time Delphi survey was then formulated covering 4 aspects, i.e.

1.  Prioritization of issues involved in human development on radiology and medical radiologists,

2.  Assessment on various strategies and measures relevant to policy formulation,

3.  Prioritization of selected strategies and measures based on urgency and importance,

4.  Identify organizations that have crucial roles in accordance with those prioritized strategies and measures.

The Real-time Delphi Survey is currently being carried out (1-15 June 2012) by experts in related fields. The output of the survey will be submitted to Royal College of Radiologists of Thailand for further policy formulation.