Nanotechnology R&D Roadmap

The process is ongoing and tasks included revisiting the National STI Plan (2012-2021), Nanotechnology Strategic Framework (2012-2021), and NANOTEC’s First Technology Roadmap, and analyzing global nanoscience and nanotechnology trends using literature review and scrutinizing NANOTEC resource and capacity.

The Nanotechnology R&D Roadmap map is expected to give a clear direction for research and development for nanotechnology, enable and enhance connections among nanotechnology science and engineering researchers, manufacturers, NANOTEC and related-government agencies in charge.

The roadmap will be constructed based on a template consisting of 4 layers, i.e. resources, core knowledge tools, core technology and R&D agenda. There will be several workshops engaging in which intended to stimulate contributions from experts from both nanotechnology and related fields. The first workshop was for stakeholders to map the research and development agenda for nanotechnology, held on April 26th, 2012. Currently, the Center is in a preparation for the second workshop to review R&D Agenda by Nanotechnology Technical Committee, which will be held on June 11st, 2012. The third workshop will finalize R&D Agenda by Nanotechnology Working Group, which will be held on June 15th, 2012. Furthermore, there will be 3 more workshops to come to refine Nanotechnology Roadmap.

The Nanotechnology Roadmap would help to identify strengths and opportunities and will be used to develop policy, plan and strategies for NANOTEC in the mid-term future.